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Interesting Facts About Nick Delpopolo

Nick wins gold  Date of Birth
 Weight Class
 73kg (161lbs)
Nick Teaches Judo  Birthplace
 Niksic, Montenegro
 Westfield, NJ
Nick stretching  Current Residence
 Miami, FL
 Teaching Judo, Downloading music, watching Judo videos,
   eating, watching Monday Night Raw
 Guilty Pleasures
 Online Gaming, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering,
 “The Jersey Shore”, Staying up all night, looking in the mirror
 Favorite Judoka
   Yone Yonezuka, Mike Swain, Jason Morris, Jimmy Pedro
Nick wins  
 Favorite Athletes
 Frank Shamrock, Rafael Nadal, “The Rock”, Henry Cejudo,
 Gael Monfils, Novak Djokovic, Tim Tebow
   Favorite Sports Team
Delpopolo - Morris  NY Giants
 Favorite Technique
 More Fun Facts
 - Nick was adopted from an orphanage in Montenegro when
   he was almost 2 years old
 - Nick was 2x NJ kids State Wrestling Champion
 - Nick placed 3rd in the Middle School Wrestling Nationals
 - Nick was recruited by Bergen Catholic High where he
   Wrestled Varisty as a Freshman
   - He received letters of intrest from UPenn and Lehigh
Delpopolo  - Nick plays Judo lefty but does everything else right handed
 - Nick has three Cats: Valentina, London and Machka
 - Nick keeps win-loss records and stat books against
   opponents to better prepare for them
 - Nick loves Comic Books and Super Hero’s
 - Nick has been teaching Judo to kids and adults since he
   was 12 years old
 - Nick won the most world tour medals of any 73kg player in 2010


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