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Judo is a martial art that originated in Japan around 1880. Its creator was Jigoro Kano, who combined various movements from other styles and wrote the rules based on Jujitsu, the art of attack and defence using one’s own body, eliminating its dangerous parts. The sport joined the Olympic Games in 1964, at the edition in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

2016 Rio Olympics Official Website

judo authority

The Judo Authority produces quality warm-ups and tee shirts for judo clubs across the USA. They are also an economy source for Judogis, spirit wear, and more. The Judo Authority is proud to have Nick Delpopolo as their national spokesperson.

The Judo Authority Website

Crazy 88 bjj

Looking for a tighter physique… and the confidence to protect yourself? Get both at Crazy 88, learning at your own pace from some of the mid-Atlantic’s most accomplished instructors

Crazy 88 BJJ Official Website

Jason Morris Judo Center

Jason Morris started his Judo Journey in 1975 at the age of 8 and retired after his fourth appearance at the Olympics in 2000. Jason's competition career spanned 26 years. Included among the many awards and titles Jason won is a Silver medal in the 1992 Olympics and a Bronze medal at the 1993 World Championships.

Jason Morris Judo Center Official Website

Judo Team USA has grown to one of the world’s most popular judo websites. Judo Inside was founded 10 years ago and has grown to a useful source for athletes, coaches, the media and obviously judo fans. Judo Inside offers our visitors the most extended coverage of profiles, results and stats. Passion for judo is our drive and like to share it with you. If you have any questions or want to advertise with us, contact us.

Judo Inside Official Website

Judo Vision

Judo vision is your one stop place for judo videos from competitions around the world. If you want the ability to see all of the major matches in one place Judo Vision is the site for you.

Judo Vision Official Website



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