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Delpopolo Finishes 5th in Grand Prix

October 19, 2011


Nick on JumboTron


Baku, Azerbaijan Nick Delpopolo suffered an early round defeat in the first round of the Azerbaijan World Cup when he lost by yuko to Rustam Orujov (AZE). “I’m really travel weary, I won in Great Britain flew to New York City, Drove to Albany NY for 24 hours, drove back to NYC and got on a plane to Azerbaijan” admitted a disappointed Delpopolo. “Had I fought in this tournament 1 week later I think the results would have been different.” Nick finished his thoughts by saying “There is no fun way to talk about losing, the sting of it will hurt until the next big win comes, I leave Azerbaijan for Abu Dhabi this Monday but don’t fight until next Monday so I’m going to take a few days to let my body recover and do my best to come home with a second medal from this tour”.


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