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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Nick Delpopolo

April 11, 2012


Nick in Samoa


What is your best Junior Judo memory?
ND: “Making the 2006 Junior World Team, I took a 3 year break from Judo to focus on Wrestling, blew my knee out in Wrestling and basically rehabbed my way into shape and overtook the #1 Junior to win the trials and the fight off.”


What is your worst Junior Judo memroy?
ND: “Losing at both of my Junior Worlds (’06 and ’08) I really expected great things of myself and had previously barely lost in Golden Score to the Brazilian I drew second round, he killed me, it wasn’t even close and then went on to medal…but tested positive for illegal substances after the event and was stripped of his medal. I felt so cheated.”


What is your favorite food?
ND: “Lasagna”


What is your least favorite food?
ND: “Mexican food or any spicy food in general”


What is your favorite country that you have travelled to?
ND: “Japan”


Who are your favorite comic book hero’s?
ND: “Ironman and Spiderman”


Least Favorite?
ND: “This doesn’t usually go over well but… Superman… I mean come on the guy can do EVERYTHING? and his weakness is a little green cube? I don’t think so.”


What is your favorite Senior Judo memory?
ND: “Being the first American man to win the GB World Cup. The arena was packed and I felt that I got better as the day went on and…a lot… of people that I had never met started cheering for me and made it really special.”


Least favorite Senior Judo memory?
ND: “Losing in the 4th round of the 2010 Worlds. I won my first 3 matches by ippon and knocked off the #8 seed who was I guy I had never beat before and all I needed to do was win one more match to at least finish top 7 at my first Worlds and there was no score with about a minute left and I let up for 1 second and got stuck. It’s hard to even talk about and the pain wont go away until I’m standing on a World or Olympic podium.”


What is something most people don’t know about you?
ND: “As a High School Wrestler I was ranked #2 in New Jersey and top 10 in the Nation my Sophmore year.”


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