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Tribute to Yoshisada Yonezuka

Octobert 21, 2014


"I am completely devastated to learn of the passing of my first Sensei Yone Yonezuka. I am trying to find words to say that can do this man justice and I can't. I keep thinking about his family and my heart hurts for them. Yone was a real life super hero. He could randori with any person in any weight category, young or old and give them a thrashing well into his sixties. He could do the splits between chairs like Van Damme. His dojo was like a museum with picture walls filled with Olympians, World Champions and National Champions in 3 different sports Judo, Karate and Sumo all of whom he produced and started on their path to greatness. He could do anything and in turn he made me and hundreds upon hundreds of other students believe that they too could do anything. There will never be another man like him. Rest in peace Sensei." — Nick Delpopolo

Nick Delpopolo


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